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Everyone shares cars on a regular basis- be it with friends or family, or even both. It’s never a big deal really. Yet there are those times when a driver may have unoccupied seats during a journey simply because they may not know anyone who needs a lift to the same direction

At Car Share Clubs, we enable well organised car-sharing by bringing together people travelling in the same direction. The aim of this is to can make arrangements and travel together thus sharing the costs, while at the same time reducing congestion and environment pollution.

Imagine a scenario where UK motorists were to receive a lift one day a week, pollution traffic jams and congestion would be significantly reduced.

Car-sharing can work for regular journeys as well as one-off journeys anywhere in the country, you can share a car when:
  • going to and from work
  • going to and from the university
  • travelling to a party or show
  • going to watch a match during the weekend
  • touring a certain place

Of cost effectiveness…

Car clubs sharing calculates a suggested price per passenger for your journey based on the length of your trip. Drivers can slightly adjust the price within a capped window, just to ensure passenger costs offset real costs and no extra profit is made – therefore not invalidating car insurance.

In our club, the price set by the driver using this system is rather fixed and non-negotiable. This makes it simple and transparent for everyone involved.

We see to it that every passenger’s contribution is pre-arranged before travel and does not exceed the running costs of the vehicle for the trip.

Our app/ website will assist you to find car-share partner

Suppose you are looking for a lift, just sign on to the system and search for a perfect fit! Make contact with the driver on time and you are good to go.

For a driver, simply add the lift you are offering and in no time you will be contacted by a few passengers who would like a lift to your destination.

After a potential passenger has contacted you for a lift, you can reply to them through the messaging system. The passenger must make contact first. After you have accepted a booking request, you receive a notification with that member’s mobile number so that you can get in touch to discuss the details concerning the journey.

Why Car Share Club?

Benefits of car sharing with Car Sharing Clubs

Reduces the cost of nearly all kinds of motorised transport

Reduces congestion in public transport and pollution

We offer you comfort during the entire journey

Promotes networking as you get to meet new people

How Car Share Club Works?


Join our system by apply online. After you have been approved, a platform is sent to you through which you can access vehicles in the country.


Search through the available vehicles and find your best match.


Share between you and the driver to determine cost and any requirement- or where to be picked up.


Start your journey together and save time and money.

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